Royal Canal Part 1


Dublin native Annalise Murphy captured the hearts of Irish audiences during the 2016 Rio Olympics when she realised her dream in the Women’s Laser Radial sailing competition by winning a silver medal for Ireland. Annalise will be accompanied by her mother, Cathy McAleavey an Olympian who competed in the 1998 Seoul Olympics as a sailor. They will walk alongside the Royal Canal starting at Spencer Dock, exploring some of the twelve locks, by foot and navigating the last section by boat. The Royal Canal fondly known as the green and silver line, started life in the 1880’s as a major cargo and passenger corridor from Dublin to the River Shannon. With the onset of trains and roads it went into decline but since the 1990’s it was restored into an enchanting 145km inland waterway.


Annalise Murphy & Cathy McAleavey

The second video starts at Broome Bridge the Royal Canal begins its transition from urban to rural Dublin. It also marks an unlikely famous eureka moment. The mathematician, Sir William Rowan Hamilton had a spark of inspiration while walking here and he carved a revolutionary new form of algebra into the stone bridge. Scientists and historians from all over the world mark the moment on the annual Hamilton Walk. This is a place that Annalise and her mother stop to admire and pause for a few moments. At the end of their walk they rejoin John McKeown at the 11th Lock, where the N3 Navan Road, the railway line and the Royal Canal cross the M50 orbital. Annalise and Cathy have walked over 10 locks, and they also experience the journey through a double lock. They complete their journey to the twelfth lock by boat on a rural section of the canal. They moor the boat and take time to reflect on the day’s journey.

Easy. The route is a national way marked trail.

Total distance of the Royal Canal is 145km this trail is approx 15km long and can be completed by foot, bike or on the canal.

Estimated time
This can be broken into different lengths, it is completed here by path and by canoe.

Total height climbed

Highest point

Terrain underfoot
Footpath and water.

Suitable for
Everyone depending on length and activity chosen.

Parking in Dublin is difficult, best to get to Spencer Dock, by bus Dart or Luas.